A church premises needs to shake off its traditional mantle.

UK Churches have a powerful role to play in the community. The problem is finding a premises. It’s never been more acute. We explore the role of the contemporary church organisation in the community.

Who’s going to provide the help we all might need?

Have you noticed we have moved very quickly from a product to a service based economy? Our expectations are high and we imagine our local councils will provide for all our needs. But bearing in mind the recent announcement that community charges might rise to pay for social care for the elderly, we can see the pot is not limitless.

Councils have targets to meet and policies to follow.

UK churches are once more stepping up to the mark and offering assistance. This week we have been working with a church bidding for a premises. Looking at the council guidelines the success of the bid will hinge on the ability to buy and renovate but also the value added to a community.

modern church, uk churches

UK Churches add real value to a community.

UK churches are much more than a place of worship

We have discussed the importance of community in relation to the positioning of a church before, but the value placed upon such a building is tangible. It is a spiritual home but it also represents a refuge and an advice and education centre. You may even find that these new churches offer health, physical and mental wellbeing advice too.

What kind of premises do contemporary UK churches need?

There is one problem: no one appears to be helping churches to source the kind of premises that will allow them to do their important work. The bid we are working on will offer:

  • assistance for the homeless
  • health and wellbeing
  • homework clubs to raise attainment
  • a Youth Club
  • parent and toddler groups

As well as offering space for the community, showering facilities and the potential for a café, the church will become a centre for everyone who wants to worship, become part of a vibrant community and are in need of help. Whether to fulfil long or short term needs a church organisation can be a beacon of light and hope in dark times.

modern church, uk churches

Modern churches can take many forms…

Churches can align themselves to a council’s development plan

If you look at any council’s corporate plan you will see they are probably working hard on closing the gap in attainment for vulnerable and disadvantaged children. This is vital to ensure equality of life chances later on for children in care or those with learning disabilities. Local councils are also working hard to tackle childhood and adult obesity, gaps in educational attainment amongst the Black and Mixed race heritage community, skills gaps, under age pregnancy, digital inclusion and provision for the over 65s. The list goes on.

There is so much that a church community can contribute towards these causes. But the problem is the cost of appropriate buildings in the centre of cities.

That’s why it’s important that anyone who has a redundant office building or retail unit considers renting to UK churches or even selling in some cases. If you want to see the additional benefits of renting to a church then read this article.

modern church, uk churches

A typical modern church that could once have easily been an office.

TA Property has a dedicated church property team that will help you in sourcing a property, preparing documentation, evaluating the site, cost of work etc. If you are looking for a property for church use or any other possibility please contact us for advice and an initial conversation.

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