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homelessness in london

Homelessness in London: Not just a ‘Christmas Crisis’

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Each Christmas, homelessness in London and the rest of the UK is taken a bit more seriously than it usually is. Charities such as Crisis at Christmas – Europe’s largest volunteer-run event – go to great lengths to provide companionship, support,…
modern church, uk churches

The Importance of Churches within Local Communities

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A church premises needs to shake off its traditional mantle. UK Churches have a powerful role to play in the community. The problem is finding a premises. It’s never been more acute. We explore the role of the contemporary church…
foreign student communities

Why Community Matters to Foreign Students

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Leaving home for the first time is a scary experience. But moving abroad for the first time? That’s terrifying. Every year, thousands of students arrive in the UK to begin an educational journey that might last anywhere between three and ten years.…