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Green belt building: British countryside

UK housing crisis: Is it time to start building on green belts?

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In principle, few would argue with the merits of the concept of green belts. The aim was to ensure a ring of farmland, forestry and parks were preserved around British cities. We wanted to ensure urban sprawl didn’t slowly swallowing up…

Buy-To-Let Landlords: Is It Time To Switch To Commercial Property?

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Will buy-to-let landlords lose money in 2017? Buy-to-let landlords are being squeezed. Taxation changes for buy-to-let landlords in the UK will start being phased in from April this year. For some people, the tax burden may double or even triple…
foreign student communities

Why Community Matters to Foreign Students

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Leaving home for the first time is a scary experience. But moving abroad for the first time? That’s terrifying. Every year, thousands of students arrive in the UK to begin an educational journey that might last anywhere between three and ten years.…
Commercial property could generate income not capital growth

Commercial Property income generation is the future

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Commercial property income generation is a very hot topic In the last couple of days there’s been much talk on social media and in the press about the London commercial property market. Even though we are almost two months down…
Old Kent Road Holdings – Full view

Commercial property in London is a great bet

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We have been watching the commercial property market. Recently conversations have come to a  swift halt. There’s plenty of doubt and uncertainty in the business, post-Brexit. But there is hope, for sure. In fact, I saw a brilliant cartoon this morning. It…