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Sunshine and birds flying over the Thames River in London

London Commercial Property Still Going Strong Despite Brexit’s Black Cloud

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In 2016, Brexit firmly cemented itself as both a word in our collective vernacular, and a concept that touched on just about every aspect of our daily lives – from the NHS to the economy, the news cycle, even arguments…
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Brexit 3 months on: What now for UK Commercial Property?

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The UK’s commercial property market took the beating of its life in the hours and days following the decision to leave the EU. Investors dashed toward the exit as swiftly as Nigel Farage made his gloating and quite nauseating speech…
London holds its breath as the world responds to the Brexit vote

Commercial property London may face a challenge

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Post Brexit Singapore suspends loan programme for London properties. Commercial property is on our minds as UOB, that is the third largest lender in Singapore, has made the decision to suspend loans for London properties. This is yet another less…