Strategy and Analysis

Determining where you want your business to be will be critical to your success. We provide initial support and advice to help you identify emerging best locations, identifying the opportunity and providing you the support to realise your opportunity. We will work closely with you to assess the benefits each property can deliver in terms of catchment area, building refurbishment requirements and ongoing operational issues. By assisting you at this early stage, we believe that you will be reassured with the decisions that you take. Our services include;

  • location mapping and demographic analysis
  • viability reports for new acquisitions
  • refurbishment and works identification to convert new premises due diligence
  • compliance assurance and operational support


Not all properties necessarily identify the opportunity for changing the way that you may use them from an initial site visit. We are able to assist you to identify and properly scope the opportunity for the target property to be transformed. We can accompany you to any initial or subsequent property visit to discuss and identify potential to change, the likely costs in doing so, and any immediate observations in respect to ongoing property commitments. It can be likely that a property will require expenditure to fix existing maintenance issues as well as any capital expenditure for fit out and transformation into your desired use.

In helping you to understand initial liabilities, property repair requirements, transformation expense and ongoing compliance management we can provide the following services;

  • Condition survey assessments
  • Compliance and legislative assessments
  • Fit out and capital spend initial pre-tender cost identification
  • Budget formation to assess financial commitments
  • Support for statutory approvals (Building Regulations)
  • Contract and lease support to identify constraints and covenants


It will be important for you to be in the right location, both in terms of opportunity for your business as well as the appropriate infrastructure and transport links. Working alongside you, we can provide assistance to identify the right location from a number of options which we would best benefit your business. Delivery tools exist which can help the identification of preferred locations by assessing population proposed increases and demographic analysis. Additionally, developing the best option for a location can also be factored by a number of measures. We assist our clients by undertaking a structured benefits analysis assessment for each potential location which is scored against its appropriateness for the business. In this way we can produce a structured position model to identify the preferred location, which together with additional financial assessment can provide a preferred location ranking. The services that we can provide in this area include;

  • Location mapping and demographic analysis
  • High level Infrastructure assessment
  • Decision model construction and benefits analysis


For clients that have a number of property interests, whether freehold or leasehold, we are able to provide extensive portfolio planning support to drive bottom-line improvement. Alongside the traditional town planning and acquisition services we can also assist you by identifying preferred locations to target catchment analysis planning. This will help you to identify the best locations to grow your business and the relationship for each of the sites exist in the same area.

We can provide you with a cash flow model which includes both capital and revenue expenditure for both new and existing properties. This will enable you to identify financial opportunities and savings against future income projections. Revenue forecasting can also identify maintenance liabilities and other outgoings that will be required from time to time in order to properly maintain your property. By working with you, we will be able to identify the operational expenditure required to allow for as well as ensuring that the property is maintained to appropriate standards.

Services include;

  • Target catchment analysis
  • Cash flow modelling
  • Revenue forecasting