Looking for a D1 property? What should you consider?

D1 is not a scary thing. Basically it’s an area of planning that’s relevant to a specific type of property.

What is a D1 property in a nutshell?

Old Kent Road Holdings, London

Old Kent Road Holdings, London

This is a class of property that includes institutional properties. What do we mean? Well anything that might be used for educational, medical or religious purposes come into that category. What’s special about these properties are that they are not residential. However, if you need a residential element then the property becomes a C2 class. This would apply to a boarding school, hospital or convent for example.

What is a Restricted D1 property?

Of course things aren’t as simple as this, why would they be? There are some restrictions and you might come across the category: restricted D1 use class. What is the difference between this and the D1 class? Some buildings are designated as being for medical purposes only. You may see one that does not allow a building to be used for religious purposes. There may be other covenants ;so it always pays to check or ask a specialist to undertake the research for you.

Natura Polish Bakery, Hainault

Natura Polish Bakery, Hainault

Ask a D1 Property Specialist in London

A specialist has real expertise in this aspect of planning and understands what properties would suit your purpose and what types of properties are available in your target area. Not may people have direct experience of the D1 property market so it really does save time and frustration of you contact someone as you start looking for a property.

Why Tunji Adebayo is a D1 and commercial Property specialist

If you have thoughts around setting up an organisation, a place of worship or a business that comes under the banner of medical, religious or educational then it might be worth picking up the phone and giving Tunji Adebayo & Co a call.

With 20 plus years experience in this niche we can find a commercial or D1 property for you in the London or Greater London areas.

Chadwell Heath - Bethel Mission Baptist Church Inside

We can help you with:

  • Sales
  • Acquisitions and disposals
  • Valuations
  • Charities Act reports
  • Planning
  • Development appraisals
  • Feasibility and location studies

We can also help you if you are a:

  • D1 property owner
  • C2 property owner
  • A trust or a charity
  • A government body
  • A public sector organisations
  • An independent, private or free school
  • A college and university
  • Occupiers of large institutional buildings who wish to explore alternative use potential