London Commercial Property making the most of it

Most London commercial property in the city and the surrounding area was built with an intended use in mind.  Office use, as a high street shop, a restaurant or as a more general industrial building such as a warehouse or factory are typical. However, there is so much to be gained when it comes to using a commercial property in the contemporary sphere. Owners are just waking up to the fact that they are sitting on a potential goldmine. They are also starting to realise the broad and varied options they have. Staying within the realms of what a property was originally intended need not be the case anymore.

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London commercial property and surrounding areas around London needs creativity now

Why the change in commercial property in 2017?


Quite often London’s commercial property stands on quite a lot of ground. They are often much bigger than domestic dwellings, obviously. Therefore when it comes to real estate they are extremely valuable. With smaller businesses requiring less space and a cleaner environment then subject to planning regulations a change of approach or use might yield greater rewards. Isn’t it time you reappraised your current property portfolio and put it to a better use?

commercial property in London

London commercial property has been successfully converted in London but more is required for all types of new uses

There are a lot of different ways to use a commercial property in London. Converting the space into something more exciting and unique is an idea that is quickly gaining popularity. For example, a number of churches and places of worship are now being opened in commercial spaces. With commercial properties tending to have central locations and vast space it is easy to see why they are being transformed. However, it is best to check UK planning regulations before you get too carried away!


What can you use your commercial property for?


commercial property in London

London commercial property need not be redundant. Rethink your property portfolio today

Old offices have been re-designed to house a large number of people at once. Churches are such an example. They are transformed into nurseries, dental surgeries, drop-in centres and community spaces. In addition start-up hubs, artists workshops flourish in old industrial units that have become redundant. Music venues are another prime example of what can be done with a commercial property. London is the country’s busiest city and the number of music venues reflects this. Every night in London bands of all fame and fortune are taking the stage. So, in turn, London commercial properties have quickly become a great place to host music events due to their large size and accessibility. This is especially true for disused warehouses, factories and large office spaces.

The opportunities for London commercial property owners do not stop there. Nurseries, surgeries, sports clubs, local youth clubs and many more are also great options when it comes to converting a large property.

Converting a London Commercial Property

If you think you have a property that is suitable for a conversion such as those mentioned above, get in touch. At TA Planning we have a great team with vast experience in commercial property renovation, conversion and development. We’d be delighted to offer our expert opinion on your specific property. We have vast knowledge and experience with D1 properties and would welcome the opportunity to chat through your needs. Contact us today to speak to one of the team.