Tunji Adebayo & Co has been in the market for over 20 years. We have a gathered many contacts that can offer various funding options.
These include:

– Banks
– Bridging Loan Companies
– Private Investors
– Grants

Purchasing a property can be extremely time consuming. It can also be expensive, as the market is very buoyant. This is increasingly problematic if the organization has not been properly advised from the beginning.

Tunji Adebayo & Co can provide advice on how to structure the organization and what an organisation or company can be doing in order to increase the chances of its funding being approved. This is something that should ideally be completed well in advance before the organization is ready to purchase. Even in terms of leasehold properties we find clients that have not structured the organization in a suitable way. The aim is to have a solid foundation and build a track record. Tunji Adebayo & Co realise that in many cases it’s about telling a story. This story can then be communicated thus demonstrating the your organisation’s strength,. This is exactly why we will guide your organisation in a way that ensures you are commercially viable and fully compliant with regulations. This promotes confidence with lenders and sellers.