Why commercial property owners should consider renting  to a church

Commercial property owners don’t often think about renting their properties to churches. With the current rate of uncertainty in the market this may be something to consider.

Not renting to a church is not a matter of bias or hesitation.

Often commercial property owners have never considered the charitable sector. This is true when they are wondering to whom they might rent their properties. This lack of knowledge is a costly omission. The charity sector is huge and actually invests in long-term assets. If anything this sector is struggling to find appropriate buildings in which to grow and develop. It is a massive, reasonably untapped opportunity for commercial property owners.


Churches can be the central focus in a community

It’s interesting to see the impact a new place of worship can have on a community. In contemporary society we see the tendency for many people to shut themselves away. This is quite different to historic behaviours. Churches were always the central focus where people would meet each week. It’s also a place to develop friendships. The old traditions of church trips were important calendar markers. Trips to the seaside, picnic teas and Christmas parties, for example, were central to so many youngsters. With weddings, funerals, christenings happening locally the church was the centre of major life events. It was and still is a place to seek comfort and support.

Church Community

London Church communities are growing

A church is a very positive addition to any community for a number of reasons. Obviously once a church is set up it’s likely to stay. Rental leases are often longer than conventional tenants. Therefore commercial property owners can enjoy a stable long term rental income.

Also, because suitable properties are quite hard to come by churches are often willing to pay slightly more when they find the right property for their needs.

Church Lease

Churches assist with  poverty alleviation and support provision

With the Joseph Rowntree Foundation releasing a report about the economic impact of poverty there has never been a better time to consider the importance of community. Churches can do much to improve an area and be a force for good. When you consider the report suggests that poverty accounts for £1 in every £5 spent on public services, it’s not insignificant. Their chief executive Julia Unwin was quite bunt when she said that people are being held back by poverty. This is not just a problem for the poor because it holds back the UK economy too. It makes a sobering read and demonstrates just how poverty cannot be ignored. Churches have a role to play in helping the poorest in our communities.

Church Income

Commercial property owners should rent to churches

Churches have always been important in supporting people. It is an extremely positive move when a brand new church establishes itself in a community. At Tunji Adebayo & Co we have helped many churches find commercial properties that are suitable to establish places of worship. Not only do we help source suitable premises but we deal with planning issues. These can be quite complex with respect to D1 properties. We are also highly experienced in organising conversions, and  renovations. we help to ensure churches do everything they need to do to comply to planning, health & safety and building regulations. Take a look at our portfolio of past projects involving renovated commercial properties.

Immigration & Churches

Tunji Adebayo & Co are D1 Property experts

If you are thinking you have a suitable commercial property Call us. If you think your property might well make a great location for a new church then please contact us. We’d be delighted to pair you up with a church looking for a space.

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