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10 things women should know before getting into the commercial property industry

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Olamide Adenugba, is one of the few BAME women who are planning consultants. Focusing on commercial property and investment, and specialising in leases and negotiations, she has compiled 10 top tips to help women break into the commercial property sector.…
Green belt building: British countryside

UK housing crisis: Is it time to start building on green belts?

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In principle, few would argue with the merits of the concept of green belts. The aim was to ensure a ring of farmland, forestry and parks were preserved around British cities. We wanted to ensure urban sprawl didn’t slowly swallowing up…

Buy-To-Let Landlords: Is It Time To Switch To Commercial Property?

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Will buy-to-let landlords lose money in 2017? Buy-to-let landlords are being squeezed. Taxation changes for buy-to-let landlords in the UK will start being phased in from April this year. For some people, the tax burden may double or even triple…
Sunshine and birds flying over the Thames River in London

London Commercial Property Still Going Strong Despite Brexit’s Black Cloud

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In 2016, Brexit firmly cemented itself as both a word in our collective vernacular, and a concept that touched on just about every aspect of our daily lives – from the NHS to the economy, the news cycle, even arguments…
London commercial property

London Commercial Property needs a makeover

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London Commercial Property making the most of it Most London commercial property in the city and the surrounding area was built with an intended use in mind.  Office use, as a high street shop, a restaurant or as a more general…
London bricks

London Bricks have never been so expensive

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We take London bricks for granted. Bricks have been around for thousands of years but never at these prices. Tunji Adebayo investigates.   I have been fascinated to see how Barclays mortgages and have become very creative while looking at…
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Brexit 3 months on: What now for UK Commercial Property?

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The UK’s commercial property market took the beating of its life in the hours and days following the decision to leave the EU. Investors dashed toward the exit as swiftly as Nigel Farage made his gloating and quite nauseating speech…
Rent your London commercial property to a church

commercial property owners and churches

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Why commercial property owners should consider renting  to a church Commercial property owners don’t often think about renting their properties to churches. With the current rate of uncertainty in the market this may be something to consider. Not renting to…
What's the future of commercial property in London?

Commercial property in London going cheap

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London may well be the city of property opportunism Commercial property, Brexit,  fear; we always look at world through our own narrative arch. What we know, what we experience, our background and outlook influence our views. Isn’t that why London…
London commercial property

Commercial property in London is the lifeblood of the city

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Commercial property is under pressure London commercial property is vital to the economy. But if you read the property media then it seems Brexit is already impacting profoundly on the economy. Property Week’s headlines for 5th July 2016 read like…